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07/07/20 The annual kite festival will take place in the Parque Natural in Corralejo near Glass beach on Sat 7th and Sun 8th Nov. 

Attendance is free, all welcome 





La Oliva reaches 31.000 residents

According to the latest data of the Ayuntamiento of La Oliva, the population regularly registered as a resident in the municipality of La Oliva has exceeded 31,000, for the first time foreigners are more numerous than the Spanish.

To be precise, the date of 31 March 2017, residents were 31,389, an increase of more than 11% compared to 31/12/2014 when 28,153 inhabitants were "empadronados" (registered) in the municipality of La Oliva.

Foreigners are still increasing and have reached 16.959 souls, that is the 52,44% of the population, surpassing the percentage of the Spanish community (which counts 14.430 people). La Oliva is once again confirmed as a Multi-Ethnic territory, with people from 92 different countries.

The most numerous foreigners are the Italians (5,783) and are also the ones that have increased more than in 2014, almost 38%.
British people also grown (3.258) with a percentage increase of 13%, confirming its position as the second largest foreign group.

In the last two years the French have also increased by 26% (631), together with Germans (1,410) more 9%. The only population that has suffered a decrease is that of Morocco (701) with a decrease of almost 10%.

There are also numerous other communities of countries such as: Portugal 498, Colombia 316, Belgium 296, Netherlands 285, Ireland 258, China 251, Argentina 231.

Source: Corralejo.info

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